About the Brand

The idea started to blossom during Sophie’s first year at university. She often got headaches from wearing a normal hair tie and had the annoying kink in her hair that we all know so well. One night, while Sophie was getting ready for a 'bad taste' party, she set her eye on the old, broken telephone hanging from her dorm wall. Sophie decided to unplug the phone cord and use it to tie up her hair as an extra highlight for her already quite spectacular look. The next morning Sophie woke up after a night full of fun realising that something was different. Then it dawned on her: she didn’t have a headache! After untying the cord, she also realised that the mark in her hair was a lot less strong than usual.The idea of invisibobble® had been born! Ever since the brand's launch in 2012, the demand of the revolutionary spiral-shaped hair tie has exploded. Five years later, invisibobble® is expanding into an all encompassing hair accessories category to solve your everyday hair challenges.